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NXT LVL EDITZ was founded in 2023 by rising senior Reagan Cornish. It is our mission to debunk the false narrative commonly assigned to collegiate athletics and athletes who don't participate at the D1 level which is that D3 athletes are inferior to their D1 counterparts. We also hope to erase the "D1 or bust" mentality held by millions of athletes in America and worldwide. D3 athletic programs often offer an unrivaled academic AND athletic experience. Today, two former D3 basketball players (Duncan Robinson and Freddie Gillespie) are in the NBA and dozens more are playing professionally overseas. NXT LVL EDITZ seeks to challenge these falsehoods by making high level commitment edits at reasonable prices for D3 athletes who typically get the short end of the stick or feel embarrassed to share that they are going D3 and not D1 to their peers. 

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